My Little Steamed Mini Cake

My kiddo had fever this morning and the only “snack” is back again. (Refer to my previous post on steam cake)


Does it look like a flower?


Do they look sweet?

This time I tried to add varieties to the minis. The ingredients and directions can be found in my previous post here.


Side view

The variation I did was after steaming it for about 5 to 7 minutes, I lifted the cover, sprinkled some blue sanding sugar and sprinkles to give it some colours. It however didn’t work as the sugar and sprinkles all melted. Silly me. Of course they would melt in the heat.


Just put in


Can you see the melted sprinkles?

I finished steaming them for another 8 to 9 minutes, took out the minis, sprinkled some sprinkles on top. This time the sprinkles stuck onto the melted sugar. As I saw some sugar syrup “swimming” in the cup, I thought it might be too sweet. I tried one and surprisingly the sweetness was just nice.

I packed these little minis for the kiddo’s lunch box. I hope they won’t melt when my kiddo opens lunchbox in school tomorrow. 😉 Oh yes, I added some secret surprises inside the minis before steaming, that’s chocolate balls, hope they will add some flavour when the bite sinks-in. 🙂


Love the pink!

Honey Joys (Sweetened Cornflakes)

Chinese New Year has come and gone (almost), in a flash. This was done before CNY. I was still contemplating what type of goodies to bake. I came across Honey Joys when I was google-ing and had the easiest and quickest new year goody that I ever made.

Now I remember Honey Joys when I was young, I visited a friend’s house and was treated to it. I didn’t know the name then, just thought I like it and wished I could cart the whole box home. 🙂 I didn’t of course.


Are they pretty?

Honey Joys is quite easy to bake. Cost of ingredients are cheap too. Saw those CNY stalls selling it at of cos much mark up price.

There’s quite a number of recipes out there. Just google for honey joys and you will find lots. Some with sugar, some with honey, some with both. I prefer to use recipe that does not have sugar. Here goes:

Adapted from this site:

4 cups corn flakes
100gm butter or 120ml coconut oil
(I used 60gm unsalted butter and 60ml coconut oil)
2 to 3 tbsp honey
Sprinkles (optional)


1. Melt butter (or coconut oil) with honey in a pot. Give a slight stir.


I added coconut oil for the flavour

2. When liquid mixture is bubbling, switch off stove and pour corn flakes in. Stir and mix until all corn flakes are well coated.


Still in the pot

3. Preheat oven at 150 degree.

4. Spoon corn flakes into mini cup cake liner on mini cupcake tray.


Cooling down

5. Sprinkle your desired sprinkles onto the Honey Joys.

6. Bake for 10 minutes. Cool and store it when done.

Note :

1. Next time I will try with salted butter. Some saltiness should make it better.

2. If you have liquid mixture left after “spooning” all the corn flakes, you can put slightly more corn flakes into it and have more honey joys.

3. When storing in round containers and you are in need of liner for the in between layers, you can use regular muffin or regular cupcake liner. Just need to flatten it.

Easy White Bread Roll (again)


Does it look fluffy?

This recipe has been my go-to dinner rolls recipe. It’s not only easy, it will give me soft and fluffy results each time. Last night I tried with variation of hot dog n coconut oil. The coconut oil was not overpowering and the bread was still soft the next day. As the recipe only requires 200 gm of flour, the yield is just enough for 1 to 2 days. This also ensures you have fresh bread and arm muscles. 🙂

Recipe modified from my previous post:

200 gm bread or plain flour
3 gm salt
150ml milk
15 gm sugar
15 gm butter
4 gm yeast
Hot dogs or any other fillings (Optional. I added this for variety.)
Coconut oil for the proofing

1. Heat the milk, butter and sugar together.

2. When the milk mixture is slightly cool to warm, add the yeast. Stir and leave it for a while.

3. Meanwhile, sift the flour and add the salt. (Sifting is optional)  Whisk them together with a balloon whisk.

4. Pour milk mixture into the flour mixture. Use a spatula and mix, cut and fold them like how you do a normal cake mixture.

5. Mix until dough looks a bit glossy. If the dough is difficult to hold or knead by your hand, just use the spatula to lift the bottom up n pour little coconut oil. (About 1 to 2 tsp) Do that on all sides.

6. Cover and proof the dough in the same bowl until double it’s original size.

7. After dough has been proofed, use the spatula to remove dough from bowl and put on floured counter top.

8. Knead gently with floured hands and cut into 6 to 8 portions. Shape them into small balls. Use the dough to wrap the hot dogs. Place them on lined and slight greased baking tray.

9. Cover and proof again. About half an hour but depends on the weather condition. Just make sure the size is bigger than original.


Second proofing

10. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

11. When its done proofing, bake for about 13 to 15 min. Brush with butter when taken out from oven. Let cool.


Fresh from the oven


After brushing with butter

Air Fried Karaage Chicken Wing

I recently used the same chicken kara-age recipe on chicken wings for our parties. The result was yummy, as what most guests commented. 🙂

For ease of eating, I used mid joint wings only. I also removed some of the “fatty” skin away from the wings. Karaage usually has the skin on.

As my previous karaage recipe (here) and the original recipe (I adapted from my favourite youtube channel – Ochikeron) listed about 250 gm chicken, and I need to air fry about 1kg of wings, I multiplied the recipe by 4.

While marinating, I turned the wings a few times. For best results, marinate overnight. In fact, I marinated for about a day.


Looks yummy?

As I don’t have ginger juice, I used my favourite Soup Restaurant’s ginger sauce. This probably makes the difference.


Marinating in progress

This time round, I didn’t do it the lazy way. I marinated the wings with wet ingredients overnight first. Then coat it with the dry ingredients and egg just before air fry.

Recipe adapted from here:

1kg chicken wings
4 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp ginger sauce or juice
4 tbsp plain flour
4 tbsp potato starch or corn flour
1 beaten egg

1. Marinate chicken wings in soya sauce and ginger sauce. Leave overnight or at least 2 hours. Be sure to turn them as the sauce may not cover all wings.

2. Just before air fry, mix both types of flour together. Beat an egg separately.

3. Coat the wings with the egg followed by dry ingredients.

4. Lay the wings on the air fryer basket. Make sure they don’t overlay. This means air fry them in batches due to size of air fryer.

5. Air fry chicken wing at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. (Flip them halfway)

1. This time I didn’t put baking paper, it’s fine with me. But quite messy to clean.

2. I didn’t brush the basket with oil as the skin of the wings have oil plus the ginger sauce from Soup Restaurant has oil.

3. The ginger sauce can be found in NTUC, jar-type. $6.80 per bottle. I got it at 1 for 1 some time back, unfortunately, no such promo anymore. It’s goes very well with steamed chicken too.