Fumiyama Air Fryer

I bought my Fumiyama Air Fryer in Feb 2013. Tried it with chicken wings, fish balls, sausages and even cod fish! I would say my investment was well worth it!

Subsequently, my usage of the air fryer was confined to frozen food. Been wanting to try it with baking cakes and muffins since the instruction manual says so.

I finally got down to “bake” using the air fryer 2 nights ago.

This is the end result.

this is the end result

brownie in a cup

Not bad for an amateur baker wannabe. 🙂

I used the Premix type, followed the premix instructions for the mixing, and air fry for about 16 minutes at 200 degree.

The only thing that I don’t like is the air fryer can only accomodate 4 muffin cups for a batch, so lotsa waiting time there.



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