Leavening (Part 1)

A colleague’s remark today about breads and cakes not being healthy, due to its leavening agents containing high level of sodium, lead me to google more about baking powder, baking soda and yeast.

This is what I’ve found:
– Baking powder may contain aluminium which is harmful to the body and may cause Alzheimer’s disease.

– Baking powder is considered a chemical leavening agent

– Baking Soda may contain high level of sodium.

– Too much yeast products (ie. baked goods like bread, cakes) can cause bad bacteria (eg Candida albicans), if already present in the body, to thrive and be harmful to the body

Mental note to self:
– Look out for aluminium free baking powder or try making my own baking powder
– Check out making my own single acting baking powder (1 tsp of baking powder = 1/2 tsp cream of tartar + 1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/4 tsp cornstarch)
– Experiment with reducing baking powder and baking soda from what the recipes call for
– Experiment with reducing the sugar and yeast in recipes as the bad yeast thrives on sugar and processed food
– Check out sour dough (although I have not find out if sour dough is another safe form of yeast?)
– Drink more Yakult or Vitagen which contain the good bacteria
– Reduce frequency of mixing Marmite (an Asian salty yeast extract) into my white porridge
– Remember to give thanks to The Lord before I eat anything 🙂

My questions:
How much is too much for these to become harmful?
Why is the aluminium added to baking powder?
How harmful is the baking soda?
How to calculate 1/4 of a tsp??
Is cornstarch same as corn flour?
What is yeast made of?
What are preservatives made of?

Meanwhile, I guess as long I eat everything in moderation, it should be good enough. My plan to experiment with yoghurt bread tonight is temporarily put on hold till another day.

Well, my little research will continue…


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