Leavening (Part 2)

Part 2 of my little research continues…

When I first searched for baking powder, or Royal baking powder, I couldn’t find much information about the brand or whether the ingredients are considered aluminium, just named differently.

After much googling here and there, I came to conclude that mine is possibly single acting baking powder and possibly does not contain aluminium. (The container did not state anything)


The Royal baking powder contains following ingredients:
– Disodium diphosphate
– Sodium bicarbonate
– Maize starch

Instead of searching for ingredients of baking powder, I ended up searching for ingredients of “Aluminium free” baking powder.

Guess what I have found?

The answer to my earlier question of why is aluminium added to baking powder! It was added to delay the reaction between water and the powder.

So this addition should happen to most double acting baking powder as double acting powder will have the “power” to delay the rise. First when combined and second when in the oven.

Single acting baking powder usually once when the liquid and powder are combined.

So what is this Disodium diphosphate? According to Wikipedia, seems like it is added to canned seafood to maintain the food colour and prevent purge during retorting. (Whatever that means?) it is also found in frozen hash brown to maintain color. It can also be used in leather treatment to remove iron stains. (????) Sounds to me more like a preservative?

Hmm… At least for now, my tin of baking powder should be safe, but I know I will make my own baking powder after the current tin finishes.

The search continues…

Note: the above are conclusions of my own search, may or may not be 100% accurate. So conduct your own search if you are interested.


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