Freezing Coconut Milk

The other day I had too much leftover fresh coconut milk from another recipe. It’s like 400ml left in which I only used 100ml and the expiry date was nearing.

So I started to google if I can freeze coconut milk. My goodness, lots of other people are already doing it!

I started to look around in my kitchen for small containers which I can freeze up the milk in small quantities and at the same time, easy for me to remove from the container.

This is what I used, silicon muffin cups!


In the freezer

The cups can freeze up well, easy to remove, so that I can put them all in a ziplock bag. I bought these cuppies from IKEA. Silicon cups can also be purchased from baking supply shops.



I poured 1 tablespoon of coconut milk into each cups and freeze them. At least you will know the quantity of each cups.

There’s no more wastage now. Time to google for recipes which calls for coconut milk. 🙂


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