A Colourful Loom Holiday

During the June holiday, I thought of getting the kiddo involved in some activities. So I bought a loom kit for beginners. I thought as long we finish it, that’s it, at least we would have done something interesting during the school holidays. Never did we know that we’ll be hooked after that first kit was finished!


Isn't it interesting that rubber bands can be made to these?

I realised doing the loom can train the kiddo’s fine motor skills. I am surprised that she knows the fishtail method better than the single band method. I salute the creator of rainbow loom who can come up with such brilliant idea of turning simple rubble bands into something nice. Not forgetting the many creative creators who made so many charms, bracelets and many things on YouTube for people to follow.

Before we know it, our first kit finished. So I ordered more loom refills. While waiting for the loot to arrive impatiently, we started another “project”. A proper “house” for the loom bands, as the kiddo puts it.

We started to look for nice box and finally found a transparent box at the local $2 shop. It’s about the size of a shoe box. First thing we checked was to ensure the loom board can fit inside the box. It did. Next, the partition. The partition we found could not “stand” properly and would wiggle and fall when reaching for the bands. The bands would also “shift” beneath the partition. Out!


Original "design" of our loom house

Our search for smaller boxes or partition yielded nothing. We cracked our heads and finally thought why not make our own partitions or little boxes. So we used coloured art and crafts paper to fold into half boxes and tape four together to form a single tray. Like the orange one below. You know the folding method is like those where the aunties usually fold the boxes to collect rubbish from guests during CNY.

Ta – da! Our colourful trays of colours!


Love the colours!

When the loot finally arrived, we can’t wait to tear them open!


Seen the torn sign?

About the segregating of colours. Initially I wanted to categorise them by the types of bands. Eg. Glitter, jelly, neon etc. But the kiddo wanted to categorise by colour family. I realised her idea was better since I can see the colours within the colour family easier.


Are they colourful?

The boxes fit nicely into the biggy box, including space for the loom board and hook.



It’s also convenient to just remove the specific tray that I want to use and keep the rest in the biggy box.


" Our Loom house"

Looks like this activity is here to stay. Very interesting and fun. My most satisfied “product” so far.


Baby Ariel

So are you looming yet?


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