My Little Steamed Mini Cake

My kiddo had fever this morning and the only “snack” is back again. (Refer to my previous post on steam cake)


Does it look like a flower?


Do they look sweet?

This time I tried to add varieties to the minis. The ingredients and directions can be found in my previous post here.


Side view

The variation I did was after steaming it for about 5 to 7 minutes, I lifted the cover, sprinkled some blue sanding sugar and sprinkles to give it some colours. It however didn’t work as the sugar and sprinkles all melted. Silly me. Of course they would melt in the heat.


Just put in


Can you see the melted sprinkles?

I finished steaming them for another 8 to 9 minutes, took out the minis, sprinkled some sprinkles on top. This time the sprinkles stuck onto the melted sugar. As I saw some sugar syrup “swimming” in the cup, I thought it might be too sweet. I tried one and surprisingly the sweetness was just nice.

I packed these little minis for the kiddo’s lunch box. I hope they won’t melt when my kiddo opens lunchbox in school tomorrow. 😉 Oh yes, I added some secret surprises inside the minis before steaming, that’s chocolate balls, hope they will add some flavour when the bite sinks-in. 🙂


Love the pink!


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